For Staff at the Family Resource Center, each and every staff member knows the important role they play in fulfilling the mission of the organization. Our organizational and clinical culture support the following expectations of our team:


We fundamentally believe that prevention works, treatment is effective and people recover. There is hope in recovery and EVERY encounter with our team provides an opportunity for progress. To that end, every staff member is expected to be servant-hearted and part of the FRC team because they have a desire to serve others.

  • FRC staff do all things with integrity; from a client's first contact to the last, all staff treat all clients and fellow staff members with respect, dignity and adhere to confidentiality requirements. Clinical staff adhere to legal and ethical practices.

  • FRC staff are professional; no matter the position, all staff dress, speak and represent themselves within the agency as well as in the community with pride.

  • FRC staff are teachable; our employees are receptive to feedback, growth, and earnestly desire to learn.

  • FRC staff are always focused on continual improvement; creativity and innovation from our employees is supported and encouraged.

  • FRC staff think critically; we see things with an inquiring mind which leads to improvement in individuals and our organization.

  • FRC staff are good communicators; we value proactive, clear, and connecting communication in spoken and written forms.

  • FRC staff are preemptive problem solvers; each employee anticipates problems and identifies possible solutions. We come from a place of “yes” when working with our clients, fellow staff members and community partners.

  • FRC staff are results-oriented; we are always willing to evaluate the effectiveness of what we do in all areas of our organization and to adjust to improve our services.

  • FRC staff pursue excellence; "good enough" is not the manner in which we approach our work. We strive to do things better and create an environment that cultivates excellence.